A Piece of Heaven in Isla Bonita

After visiting Culebra several years ago, I decided to go back to connect with its incredible energy. The tiny and precious jewel that belongs to the Island of Enchantment is also known as Isla Bonita (pretty island).

Culebra By Jerry Valentin
By Jerry Valentin

Surrounded by crystal and turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, the 7 miles long and 3.5 miles wide is a magical garden that is always promising a peaceful stay.As I searched for the words and the pictures in those pristine lands, I found heaven on earth.

Fajardo to Culebra ferry
Fajardo to Culebra Ferry

The ferry trip between Fajardo and Culebra is only about an hour-long. When I got there, around four in the afternoon, I took a taxi to check in at my guest house. Craving seafood, I decided to eat dinner at Mamacitas. As I walked to the restaurant, I indulged in the refreshing breeze that playfully fanned the branches of the tropical trees.

During my half an hour walk, I contemplated the glowing stars, radiating a whisper across the sky that vibrated through the wind. I could hear the lullaby of an owl, resonating with the soul of the island and the sparkling light of the stars.

After eating a delicious seafood dish, I walked back, delighted by the lively breeze against my skin. Since some of the rustic roads of Culebra have no light posts, the only lighting was the flickering gleam of the stars. I used my phone’s flashlight to light my path. After walking for over an hour, and realizing that I had taken the wrong road, I noticed the battery of my phone was quickly coming to an end. I had no idea where I was. However, I wasn’t scared because I knew I always have angels watching over me.

Shawn and Lucca
Shawn and Luca

On a Monday night, in Culebra, there is nothing to do after 10:30 pm. The later it gets, the fewer people you see out on the streets. So there I was, all by myself in a deserted and moonless road, wondering how will I get back to my guest house. Momentarily, Shawn, a nice tourist who was visiting Culebra with his beautiful daughter, Luca, stopped his golf cart to offer me a ride. During those minutes, while he drove me back to where I was staying, I was so grateful for his kindness, but mostly for confirming that there are always angels on this earth.

The next morning, I rented a golf cart. I went everywhere, exploring all the secluded corners of the tiny island. Even though I was alone, I could hear through its nature angelic voices guiding my steps and connecting me with my guides.

I made many friends and was very thankful for the genuine hospitality of the Culebrenses. They go through life carrying their glow within like a globe in their souls. As they walk with a joyful rhythm and a cheerful smile, they welcome tourists with an open heart.


Appreciating their little and simple houses, they express the abundance they are always receiving through their beautiful island. There is no misery there, crowning the charming place with a veil of harmony.

There is serenity in the salty air that you can breathe as soon as you step on the island. The humming of the breeze and the tweet of flying birds replace the noise. Crime is an unusual activity that is not tolerated by Culebrenses, as the big family they are.

Traffic becomes a festive parade of golf carts among other cars that drive courteously and in perfect order. Artistic and colorful murals surround Isla Bonita.


While the animals in Culebra enjoy more freedom through the island; the dogs hang out without a leash, only barking if danger threatens the environment.The cats are seen everywhere, allowing visitors from all over the world to explore their spaces.

On my last day there, I felt a piece of my heart was going to stay in Isla Bonita. Falling in love with its environments, I realized that my connection with nature is much stronger over there. I walked to the plaza and said goodbye to all my local friends, and before boarding the ferry, I made a promise I will return soon to continue feeding my spirit with the magic of such a beautiful piece of heaven. I can’t wait to go back again!

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