Yvette Milán is the owner, author, designer, content writer, and creator of http://www.magicinpuertorico.com. She believes this island is one of the most magical places on this earth.

Through her extensive research, intuition and personal experiences as a native; Yvette Milán thrives to create an incredible niche in her beloved island.

After living over twenty years in Atlanta, GA, Yvette moved to Aguadilla in the summer of 2019. Back then, she planned to continue developing this site, now that she was living on the island. But new circumstances changed those plans. One of her missions was to live with her ninety years old mom until she died. So during the pandemic year, Yvette put aside her blog to care for her sick mom.

However, Yvette never stopped writing. She expresses her voice through her heart. After her mother left this world in February of 2022, Milán tried to make a living in Puerto Rico. She tried different virtual jobs. But never felt satisfied because she knew she could give so much more. She trusted her inspiration was gone to provide for her.

After redesigning this site, Yvette spent many hours deciding the best theme, palette, and fonts. Finally, she proudly launched her refreshed blog, full with new content to share with you the magic of Puerto Rico.

Milán is excited to announce through this site her upcoming e-book in Spanish. “¡Atrévete a ser feliz!” will be published this Spring. Her memoir is written like a journal, reflecting her lessons during her mother last years.

Yvette is also an artist, who loves to collect sea glass and shells to design colorful mobiles, and wall hanger sceneries. She wants to invite you to indulge in her magical journey.

Classic lyrics and verses

Yo seré puertorriqueño donde quiera que ande.

Rafael Hernández

Porque en mi pueblo hasta las piedras cantan.

José de Diego

Una tarde me fui hacia extraña nación, pues lo quiso el destino. Pero mi corazón se quedó frente al mar en mi Viejo San Juan.

Noel Estrada


I was born and raised in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Since I was very little, I felt the incredibly energy our Mother Nature sparks. And then, after I studied the mythology of our Indian Taínos, I felt so proud for being a Boricua.

We, puertorricans are a unique race of human beings. We like to express our music through our bodies. We are so resilient upon so many catastrophic adversities; like María, Fiona, and the earthquakes. Falling down is just another push for us to stand up. And those who fall short is because they have no idea how lucky they are for being a boricua.

I hope through my site you enjoy getting to know us, and the legends and stories of our magical island.

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