Christmas in the Island of Enchantment

On a frosty dawn in December, when the sun began to shine the earth, I woke up to witness a shower of snow enveloping the ground with a pearly quilt. Mesmerized by the flow of snowflakes, I contemplated the naked trees getting dressed with an elegant white nightgown, adorning its bared branches with diamonds of… Continue reading Christmas in the Island of Enchantment

Un pedazo del cielo en Isla Bonita

Después de visitar a Culebra, hace ya varias años atrás, decidí regresar para conectarme con su energía maravillosa. La pequeña y preciosa joya que pertenece a la Isla del Encanto, es también conocida como Isla Bonita. Rodeada de las aguas cristalinas y turquesas del mar caribeño, esas tierras de 7 millas de largo y 3.5… Continue reading Un pedazo del cielo en Isla Bonita

A Piece of Heaven in Isla Bonita

In the tiny and precious jewel that belongs to Puerto Rico, surrounded by its crystal and turqouise waters of the Caribbean Sea, I found heaven on earth. Its colorful streets and pristine lands reflect a magical prism through the splendor of the beauty of Isla Bonita.

A Piece of your Heart

After doing your research, looking for the best place to spend an amazing vacation in the Caribbean, you book your ticket to the Island of Enchantment. While you are packing your bag, leaving at home any heavy clothes, your excitement is assuring you that magic, romance, adventure, and mystery will meet all your expectations.

The Magical Bays of Puerto Rico

As you dive into the luminiscent bay and contemplate the sky shooting you flickering kisses, see your whole body covered in a radiant light. Indulging in such a magical moment, cherish an experience that will stay with you forever.

Mona Island known as The Galápagos of the Caribbean

     Sailing through canoes that were built by the Indian Taínos, they navigated the Caribbean and the Atlantic sea, finding a home in La Mona over 2,000 years before Columbus discovered America. They fell in love with the exotic island for its unique flora and fauna; giving thanks to Mother Nature for giving them… Continue reading Mona Island known as The Galápagos of the Caribbean

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