Born and raised in a beautiful country known as The Island of Enchantment, the small town where I grew up is named Aguadilla. Surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and the rural landscape; the rustic village resembles an astonishing portrait. When I was a little girl, I remember having invisible friends that talked to me all the time. They whispered wise secrets through the playful breeze, urging me to write them down and promising me that if I ever lose myself in this journey, I would be able to find my way through those secrets. They told me that nature emanates a magical energy that can help us find true joy and that we are all connected to nature.  Compelled to share with you about all the enthralling and mysterious places where the energy could transport you to other worlds, I am honoring the voice that has given me the inspiration to portray through my thoughts the magic that resides in Puerto Rico.

Also known our island as Borinkén, its indigenous Taíno name means “the land of the brave lord.” Descendants from the Arawak Indians, our primitive ancestors were highly conscious, skillful and remarkably gifted with an inner knowledge that guided them through their journeys. They worshiped Yocahú and Atabey, their noble gods who protected them from catastrophes, allowing them to find a paradise in Puerto Rico. They were able to understand quantum physics; spiritually transiting to different dimensions while they believed there was a hidden and holy world in the sublime mountain known as El Yunque. Nature was sacred for them; finding a heavenly aura in their environment. They knew what true joy is all about, recognizing that the ephemeral emotion of happiness is the dance of the soul. After carving a some unknown symbols in selected rocks surrounding the island; and extensive studies had been performed to decipher those codes, the meaning remains a mystery.

Wanting to meet other cultures and places, when I was 20 years old, I moved to Florida to study Journalism.  In my most recent visit to the island, since the moment I got there; in spite of the uproar of the airport and the hectic pace of the metropolitan area, an internal voice urged me to be aware of the environment. Excited to be there and recognizing the voice, I knew that no matter where I live, my heart will always belong to Puerto Rico. The sun of that hazy and breezy afternoon merged with the dense clouds, painting a pair of bright wings in the dim sky. After several years of living away from my island, I feel a calling to share with you about all the stunning places where magic becomes tangent, inviting you to reach other dimensions.

During my visit, the natives warned me to be very careful because of the crime rate that continues to increase. I noticed that many of the citizens don’t respect nature, throwing litter everywhere. Ignorance is the opposite of wisdom and in so many ways; I saw how our people would continue to live their lives with obliviousness. Knowing that my antecedents were highly advanced spiritual beings that understood the universal laws makes me feel so special and fortunate for the rich spiritual inheritance they had left us. Even though there are many enchanting and beautiful places in other parts of the world; Puerto Rico is one of the most magical countries in the planet, covering the island a transparent and mystic veil where mystery reigns all over the place.  From highly spiritual native Indians inhabiting the island centuries ago that became our antecedents, to pirates searching for gold, to Puerto Rico being one of the Bermuda Triangle, to having UFOs sightings all over the peninsula, to old San Juan being the oldest area in US territory, to having the world largest radio telescope; the island is definitively a place where super natural activities are always taking place.

In this blog, I would like to offer many facts from historians and recent studies.  Besides offering information about the places where mystery reigns, I want to share many people´s view as well as mine. If you have never been to Puerto Rico, I hope this information will arouse your curiosity about visiting our mystical peninsula. And hopefully you may be able to experience the magic the Taínos were able to manifest, and even hear in the melody of the coquí some of the secrets of our ancestors that history hasn’t been able to discover yet.

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