The Hidden World Inside El Yunque

Have you ever being to El Yunque? If you haven’t, imagine driving through the congested traffic of the metropolitan area toward the sublime mountain on the north-eastern coast. As you are heading to the top, visualize the raised and curvy road # 191, surrounded by a canopy of majestic trees and giant ferns. Away from the big and crowded city, the melody of the tweeting birds and the singing coquís, pleasantly resonate with the sounds of the waterfalls. Through the brilliant atmosphere, a fresh and opaque air envelopes both the flora and the fauna, creating a portrait its colorful wildlife.

You can choose from easy to difficult hikes, taking you the sheltered trails through the magical forest. If you can walk to the highest peak that rises over 3,500 feet above sea level; a hazy veil covers the dwarf forest, where the spirits of Yocahú and Atabey are gleaming through the lively vegetation. At the top of the mountain, you will reach the sky, and face the damp wind, you will feel its intensity fusing with the passing clouds. Across the vibrant foliage, you may be able to see our indigenous ancestors dancing in the light rain. While you can hear the waterfalls whispering ancient secrets to the breeze; the melody of the coquís welcomes you to a hidden world. And if you are brave enough to reach El Toro Peak, you may hear the chants of our primitive ancestors in the murmur of the falls.

Home to thousands of plants, this 28,000-acre mountain, is the only rain forest in the United States. Hallowed to our Taíno ancestors, this land is one of the most beautiful, mystical and fascinating places in the world. Highly endangered, the bright green Puerto Rican parrots are a rare treasure inhabiting in the rain forest, and if you can see one, it may be an angel bringing you a message. Also known as White Land, our indigenous Taínos named the forest after their god Yocahú. Discovering a paradise in the high area of Sierra Luquillo, our primitive ancestors made that land their home, honoring the grandiosity of Mother Earth.

Besides its spectacular view, why is El Yunque considered such an enigmatic and mystical place? Throughout the years, many mysterious stories that had happened there had been reported. Many locals that live in the surroundings of the rainforest claim they have seen UFO’s, some reptile beings and a rare animal known as the chupacabra, (goat sucker). The Taínos believe this land enabled them to transit to other dimensions. El Toro Peak is not for everybody. The secluded hike is difficult, taking about 3-4 hours; however, the reward of experiencing the energy of the hidden world promises to uplift your spirit in the paradise island.El Yunque Peak


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