Jacinto’s Well

Jacinto's Well at Jobos Beach By Jerry Valentin
Jacinto’s Well at Jobos Beach
By Jerry Valentin

A local farmer who lived in Isabela, a beautiful town on the northwestern coast of the island, was named Jacinto. Every afternoon, right before sunset, Jacinto would take a herd of cows for a beach walk. He tied his favorite cow to him while he led the rest of his herd. One day, on the highest rock and steps away from the beach, his favorite cow got too close to a pit hole, and falling into it, she dragged Jacinto with him. Because of the nature of the sea, the dangerous current didn’t allow Jacinto and the cow to survive the fierce waves.

Every time you visit the pit hole, and you shout: “Jacinto, give me your cow,”  the ocean waves will violently burst out with rage, splashing with water, and if you listen carefully, you may hear Jacinto’s voice calling for help. The favorite spot is known as a wishing well; throwing many coins into the well while making a wish. However, don’t get too close to the well because if you fall into it, you will join Jacinto and his cow for good.

By Jerry Valentin
By Jerry Valentin

The first time my parents took me to see the well, I was eight years old. Surrounded by the deep, blue sea, the public well is in a rock formation area that is elevated from the beach. Therefore, instead of walking in soft sand, the way to the well is a steep hike, stepping in sharp and uneven rocks. For those who are skeptical, it can be amazing to witness the reaction of the sea when you scream “Jacinto”. Throughout the years, as I continued to visit the well, I wondered if Jacinto’s soul was disturbingly wrestling with the strong ocean waves. The beautiful, crystal, deep blue waters distinguish Jobos as one of the best beaches on the island for surfing, snorkeling, and kite-surfing.

Jacinto’s well is a popular attraction that brings visitors to Jobos Beach every single day of the year. The legend is also known as the prosperity well because of the tourism that the town receives. There are many mysteries in Puerto Rico, and this is one of them. When you shout Jacinto’s name, why does the ocean respond with anger?

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