New Memories of the Little Girl

On my most recent trip to Puerto Rico, I took with me, my inner little girl. When I asked her what would she like to pack, she said a notebook and a pen. “For drawing?” I asked her, writing those things on my list to take. “For writing new memories,” She said, sharing with me some old memories that have shadowed her view of the world. Oblivious that she has felt lonely and abandoned, I sat her on my lap. Looking deeply into her dark and mysterious little eyes, I said with love, “from now on, you won’t have to feel lonely and abandoned anymore. I am here for you, and I want you to know you are safe with me.”

Jobos Beach by Jerry Valentín
Jobos Beach
by Jerry Valentín


Our first destination was at Jobos Beach in Isabela, on the Northwest side of the island. Feeling gratitude for the clear skies and refreshing breeze of that morning, we went for a nice long walk. While the soft sand and the fresh water caressed our feet, I could see our silhouettes dancing at the seashore. We contemplated the seagulls feeding their babies, and a group of fish navigating in harmony throughout the crystal waters.

Jacinton's Well by Jerry Valentín
Jacinto’s Well
by Jerry Valentín

As we walked to Jacinto’s Well, I told her of the famous legend that brings thousands of tourists to this beach every year. When we approached the small and deep hole on the rocks, my inner girl feared that the tenacious wind and high ocean waves would throw her into the deep waters.

Jobos Beach
Jobos Beach

Holding her trembling hand tight, I calmly said to her; “by grounding yourself in this world, your soul and your guides will protect you. As spiritual beings we are living inside of a human body, it is crucial we understand that by asking Mother Nature to root our feet to this earth, we will gain the balance to ascend our minds.” Quietly nodding her head, she let go of my hand, and as we both felt the salty and powerful gust kiss our lips, she calmly stood at the edge of the high cliff that faces the ocean.

El Yunque Rainforest

Our next destination was to El Yunque in the East. While I was driving through the sheltered curves of gigantic bamboo trees, I told my inner girl we would visit another world. “Our ancestors, the Indian Taínos guard the mystical forest”; I said, raising my eyes and pointing to the sky with my right hand to add; “up there, many secrets that teach us how to ascend our consciousness are only shared with those that seek the truth.” Embracing the mystery that always seemed so familiar to my inner girl, she smiled, asking me; “Are you taking me to heaven?”

She was determined to make it all the way to El Toro Peak, which is about a four hours hike. However, after half way, my little girl became exhausted, trying very hard to keep up with my pace. She didn’t want to quit, pushing her small legs hard. Picking her up in my arms, I assured her one more time she was safe, and sitting her little body on my shoulders, I carried her all the way to the top of the peak. The long and elevated hike concluded at the Dwarf Forest.

El Morro Fort by Jerry Valentín
El Morro Fort
by Jerry Valentín

Up there, the clouds welcomed us, becoming the forest an enchanted woodland of stunted trees that took the appearance of elves. Laying down on the ground, we allowed the elfin vegetation delight us with their magical performance, watching the spirits of the forest dance for us. As we hugged those elves that have branches instead of arms, we went down, down, down, singing while we marched with the rhythm of the eery forest.

Heading to Old San Juan, once we got there, we cruised through the colorful and cobblestone ancient streets. In that glorious afternoon, we joined dozens of kites in every color and size that were floating in the bright sky. Giving the illusion that our kite was an angel flying in the firmament, we contemplated the playful and gentle wind whispering joy through the spectrum of the sun rays.

Abruptly, my little girl froze while she stared at the fort with much fear. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me she could see ghosts everywhere.

Old San Juan streets
Old San Juan streets

“This fort was built to protect the island from attacks; however, in this fortress many pirates were killed as a punishment for their crimes.” I told her, wishing I could see them too.

“Are they going to come after me?” She asked me with a frightened glint in her little eyes.

“I wont let them.” I replied with a wink. And embracing each other, we walked throughout the old town with the conviction that those ghosts were a reminder that we are never alone in this world.IMG_0699

Watching the candent sun slowly descend into a garnet horizon, I noticed my inner girl was yawning while she was peacefully closing her little eyes. As I took her in my arms, and the shadows of the night allowed a new moon to arise in the velvet sky, she fell asleep. Treasuring those wonderful new memories, I thanked my inner girl for her innocence and her giggles, reminding me what life should be about.IMG_0124

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