Transforming your bedroom with Feng Shui

Having a good night sleep is essential to feel rested during the day. Creating a serene, sensual and beautiful atmosphere in your bedroom could be fun but challenging. While you may accomplish the look you desire, you may still feel restless and have a hard time falling asleep at night. A good Feng Shui bedroom should be a sanctuary, promoting a flow of healthy energy, while supporting your bed rest, and your connection to your partner and yourself. The following suggestions are highly recommended to help you turn your bedroom into the haven of your dreams.
pillar bed

1-) Place your bed diagonally opposite from the door. To make sure you get a great rest, this is the best place to give you a sense of safety and protection while you sleep. Putting your bed directly opposite from the door is known as the coffin. While you become vulnerable and fearful during your sleep, you don’t want your feet or head to face the door.

2-)Place your bed against a solid wall. Whether you are aware or not, Chi energy enters and leave through the windows and doors. While this position provides you good support during your sleep, you should avoid placing your bed directly under a window.

3-) Avoid water fountains, aquariums or wall art of water. Aquariums are used in Feng Shui to attract wealth. However, water empowers the fire element because of its continuous movement. Even though water symbolizes calmness, the element brings too much energy to a bedroom. Instead of placing a water fountain or your favorite wall art of a sunset over the ocean, save it for your living room, which could be a significant enhancement to the flow of the Chi energy. The art you choose for your bedroom should move you, representing inspiration, joy and peace.

4-) Avoid placing a bed on a wall shared by the bathroom. The enormous amount of rushing water directly from your bed can disrupt the Chi energy. If you don’t have another place for your bed, a wooden and sturdy headboard could help. You can also try placing your bed caddy corner.

5-) Keep live plants and fresh flowers out. Healthy, living plants can be very cleansing for the air; however, they can also generate too much energy. Place that big, healthy and beautiful plant in a lighted area away from your bedroom for optimum Chi energy.

6-) Avoid placing your bed under a beam of light. This can create a feeling of pressure, disrupting your sleep. If you cannot move the bed, a canopy is highly recommended or cover the beam with fabric.

7-) Avoid placing a mirror that reflects your body because it will deplete your personal energy. The only two places where you can hang a mirror in your bedroom are on the inside of your closet door, or on a wall that will show the door but not the bed.

😎 Keep electronic devices inside a cabinet with doors. Keep electronic devices inside a cabinet with doors. Electric and magnetic frequencies, known as EMF do emit some potentially harmful energy. A sleeping area needs to be free of these energy fields to restore the body and maintain optimal health. If you have televisions, computers, and other electronic devices make sure they are unplugged or inside a cabinet with doors while you sleep.

9-) Get rid of damaged or broken items. Even if they have a small crack, symbolically you are projecting that you are a broken person. Everything in Feng Shui is a reflection of ourselves. So for damaged items, either have them fixed or get rid of them.

10-) Avoid sharp corners that have much-pointed energy. These are known as “poison arrows” and can cause a feeling of uneasiness because they bring negative energy directly to your sleeping form. Instead, use your night stands, lamps or any other piece of furniture with soft lines and curves.

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