Finding True Love

Falling in love is one of the most fantastic and magical journeys we can experience in our lives. The beauty that crowns The Island of Enchantment makes Puerto Rico one of the most exciting regions in the world. For those who would like to celebrate their wedding or honeymoon, this is the place to do it. Magic is at your reach everywhere in the island; but, just know that you don’t have to be with someone to find it.

Sunset in Aguadilla
Sunset in Aguadilla

I remember my first kiss during my younger days in Puerto Rico, promising a forever to my boyfriend while we watched a breathtaking sunset. I used to write love poems and believed in true love. However, as the years went by, my heart got broken more than once, and, to protect me from getting hurt again, I believed that true love wasn’t for me.

After spending the holidays in my beloved island, I decided to share through this blog about the magic that is continuously flowing there.  Although my voice warned me, that unless I allow my soul to do the writing, I will not get the inspiration, I am seeking.

From the first moment I started compiling my articles on Puerto Rico, a series of events mysteriously unfolded. Consecutive dreams of the Indian Taínos hunted me, unexpectedly manifesting the resources to visit Puerto Rico. Upon my arrival, as I was exploring places to write about, I was also going on a soul journey.

While I was driving from San Juan to Aguadilla, my native town in the Northwest coast of Puerto Rico, I was so thrilled because I could feel that something extraordinary was about to happen during that trip. Hunting me a succession of strange dreams when I was there, on my first night, I woke up in the middle of the night hearing my deceased father whispering a secret into my ear. The vibrant and full moon of that evening was shining across the bright sky. While I was trying to recall what my dad murmured, I fell asleep again, hearing in my dreams a little girl saying“enamórate” meaning “fall in love.”

The following day, I cruised around Aguadilla, seeking for spectacular twilights.  Painting the horizon with metallic and vibrant hues, Mother Nature loves to exhibit spectacular sunsets in the rural and small town that is surrounded by the blue Caribbean Sea.

Aguadilla Sunset by Jerry Valentín
Aguadilla Sunset
by Jerry Valentín

Heading to the Western coast and to what has known the road to happiness, Rincón is considered one of the most romantic and charming towns in the world.  We took an excursion in a boat to watch a whale, bringing back memories of my younger days when I spotted a few whales from the beaches of Aguadilla and Isabela. That night the dream of the little girl returned, urging me to let go. “Let go of what?”  I asked, to only hear the melody of the coquí soothing my dreams.

San Felipe Fort at Old San Juan by Ricardo Justino
San Felipe Fort
at Old San Juan
by Ricardo Justino

In old San Juan, the sound of congas and drums hypnotized my body that was rhythmically swaying with the compass of the music. The festive atmosphere of the ancient city, surrounded by the ancient forts and the majestic ocean, hosts a home for many ghosts. Legends that go back to our indigenous and Columbus’s time claim that the ghosts of murdered lovers are seen throughout the streets. I was able to perceive the presence of those spirits that promise eternity to their loved ones.

Old San Juan at night
Old San Juan at night

Only 8 miles from the coast of Puerto Rico, I went to Viequez Island with my daughter. During a moonless night, we glided through the secluded mangles in Mosquito Bay, kayaking through the dark canal to one of the most bioluminescent bays in the world.  Swimming in the sparkling waters while a conglomeration of shooting stars was rhythmically falling from the heavens, I saw bright clouds drawing a heart in the sky.

The day before I left Puerto Rico, I went hiking by myself in the Dwarf Forest at El Yunque. Once I reached the weird world over 3,000 feet above sea level, I laid down on a rug of foliage to rest. As I contemplated the clouds passing by, I gratefully admired the island from such a mystical dimension. Attempting to connect with my inner being, I closed my eyes for a few minutes, then opened them, blinking at the vision of a beautiful Indian Taína that was standing in front of me.

El Yunque Trails Ricardo Justino
El Yunque Trails
Ricardo Justino

Wondering if I were in some trance, I asked her if this was a dream. She talked for a long time and, even though I couldn’t recognize most of the words she said, I was able to understand her. She told me the Taínos knew that their lives begin in an invisible world, created from within. She mentioned quantum physics, multi-dimensions, and physical laws, explaining how nature plays such an important role in our lives.

She also told me she was bringing me a gift and urged me to let go of the past. She said we resist our circumstances when we don’t want to let go. When I asked for her name, she whispered Maniyio, promising me a magical life if I accepted her gift. As I realized I needed to go back, I felt overwhelmed by her vision and the talk, not wanting to leave.

Accepting her gift, while I hiked down to my car; I realized through my dad’s dream, the little girl telling me enamórate and Maniyio’s vision that true love must be found within me. The best gift I could have ever received was the one Maniyio gave me, helping me to understand that I don’t need to fear to get hurt anymore because real love is the manifestation of discovering my true self.

By Jerry Valentín
By Jerry Valentín

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