In the Island of Enchantment

By Jerry Valentín
The crystal waters of Aguadilla
By Jerry Valentín

In the beautiful land, surrounded by the crystal waters of its blue Caribbean Sea, I can hear through the waves a delightful music that arouses my soul.

It is in those stunning sunsets where belonging seems so normal, and in those moonlit nights with showers of falling stars, when the sound of the coquí takes me to a mystical world.

By Jerry Valentín
A blue night in Aguadilla
By Jerry Valentín

Through the softness of the wind and the gentle touch of the rain, I can feel a glowing light illuminating my eyes, vanishing away the shadows that cloud my outer world.

In the fragrance of a flower and the shelter of the trees, I can ground me to this earth, believing there is a reason I am here. Only through its blissful fauna and its fancy flora, I see the purpose in my words, guiding me to a fulfilling life.

By Jerry Valentín
Our unusual flora
By Jerry Valentín

In its mystical forest, I can walk through the clouds, discovering me in the radiance of the moon. It is only in the thick woods where I hear the murmur of the breeze echoing through the ethereal voices of our indigenous ancestors chanting secrets full of wisdom.

In the picturesque valleys and its tropical horizon, I fell in love for the first time, widely opening my young heart. While I look for comfort in its spectacular sunsets, a glaring rainbow soothed my broken heart.

Jerry Valentín
A splendid sunset in Aguadilla
Jerry Valentín

Breathing in the earthy and salty air, I cleanse my spirit of any sadness, and while I witness the shining moon expressing its fullness, I become one with my surroundings.

Distant voices come and ago through the melody of the wind, hearing whispers full of promises, and in the gleaming of the stars, I feel the magic that is always within my reach on the Island of Enchantment.

The whisper of a sunset By Jerry Valentín
The whisper of a sunset
By Jerry Valentín
Jerry Valentín
The joy of nature
Jerry Valentín

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