Un pedazo del cielo en Isla Bonita

Después de visitar a Culebra, hace ya varias años atrás, decidí regresar para conectarme con su energía maravillosa. La pequeña y preciosa joya que pertenece a la Isla del Encanto, es también conocida como Isla Bonita. Rodeada de las aguas cristalinas y turquesas del mar caribeño, esas tierras de 7 millas de largo y 3.5Continue reading “Un pedazo del cielo en Isla Bonita”

A New Island of Enchantment

As Puerto Ricans, we have been gifted with the legacy our ancestors, the Indian Taínos had left us. They honored this land, considering it a paradise until the Spaniards discovered it.

La Navidad Boricua

As the cold air rhythmically travels with the falling leaves whose dyed petals are descending into a carpet of colored foliage, a distant wave of snow is tenderly sprinkling the woodlands of the United States. The brisk breeze and shorter days of autumn delight Americans weeks before Christmas day while hundreds of pine trees areContinue reading “La Navidad Boricua”

The Illustrius Jíbarito

Over 200 locals from Llanos barrio (neighborhood) were there when José Abelardo, known as Pepo was surprised on his 90 birthday celebration. His seven children and eleven grandchildren arranged the ‘gran fiesta’ in Aibonito, their homeland. The event was held on their big patio of the Hacienda, where Don Pepo had lived for more than sixContinue reading “The Illustrius Jíbarito”

El flujo mágico de Feng Shui

En una isla tan hermosa y fascinante como lo es Puerto Rico; ¿te imaginas la magia increíble que podría fluir en tu vida si supieras como aplicar el arte de feng shui? Mientras la energía de la Isla del Encanto fluye a través de su profundo oceáno y sus montañas sublimes; el eco altivo queContinue reading “El flujo mágico de Feng Shui”

The Magical Flow of Feng Shui

Can you imagine the incredible magic that could flow into your life if you learn how to apply feng shui?

The Gift of the Taínos

When we discover our authenticity, and honor the roots of our origin, we become enlightened Boricuas (Taíno name for Puerto Ricans). Through this awareness, we learn to perceive our world as a magical place, teaching us the Taínos that happiness is a journey to the heart.

A Piece of your Heart

After doing your research, looking for the best place to spend an amazing vacation in the Caribbean, you book your ticket to the Island of Enchantment. While you are packing your bag, leaving at home any heavy clothes, your excitement is assuring you that magic, romance, adventure, and mystery will meet all your expectations.